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Wednesday, July 24, 2002


Interview Corner

Bunsen bumped into none other than Harrison Ford at a popular Hollywood eatery. Ford was trying to be inconspicuous in the standard celebrity camoflauge--big sunglasses and a baseball hat. But Bunsen's sharp eyes spotted him through the crowd at the crowded falafel shop. They sat down for a quick conversation over a couple of steaming kabobs and a tin of hummus. Bunsen had this to say of the encounter with the star of the new film K-19: The Widowmaker:

"Ford's a stoic, but I managed to pull him out of his shell once the garlic sauce started to work its magic. A tough interview, but one I'll remember for years to come."

Transcript follows:

Bunsen: What's up, Indy?
Harrison Ford: It's Harrison. Enjoying the hummus? This place is the best.
Bunsen: I think that guy behind the counter looks just like the guy in the turban you shot dead in Raiders.
HF: That man's not wearing a turban.
Bunsen: You know, the guy with the flippy swords, and you stared him down and had that look in your eye that said, "You don't know what you're up against, silly Abdul," then you unholstered your weapon and shot him dead. Way to go, Indy.
HF: Harrison. [takes large bite of falafel, stares down at plate--is Abdul casing him?]
Bunsen: America needs that sort of thing right now.
HF: What sort of thing is that?
Bunsen: You know. Asskicking, Indy, lots of asskicking.
HF: I think my kabob is getting cold. And enough with the Indy thing.
Bunsen: We named the dog Indiana.
HF: [smiles despite himself]
Bunsen Now we're getting somewhere. I really, really dig the kabob in here.
HF: [long pause] Yeah, it's good.
Bunsen: Thanks, Indy.
[He spears a falafel ball from my plate.]
HF: Thank you
Bunsen: That was my falafel. [pause] Indy.
HF: Right. It was yours.
Bunsen: How about putting it back on my plate?
HF: Why would I want to do that?
Bunsen: If you don't, I will tell Abdul over there that this time you are without your whip or your pistol, Dr. Jones.
[Ford plops the falafel back onto my styrofoam plate. He stands without a word and heads for the exit. He flips Abdul the finger as the bells on the door jingle.]

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