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Thursday, July 11, 2002


International Exchange Dept.

First American apples arrive in Cuba

Floria Marlins get: Miguel Hernandez, 17-yr-old shortstop from Havana

Cuba gets: 100,000 Granny Smith apples, bag of produce to be named later


It seems that Cuba has gotten the better half of this deal. While Hernandez is a "five-tools" player, there is risk inherent in the acquisition of high-school age prospects. One hundred thousands apples will help meet some of the short-term goals of Cuba's capital city; there are hungry mouths to feed, and apples are both delicious and nutritious--a "double threat." This trade could look to be even more lopsided in time, as it is rumored the Marlins are sending over fifteen cases of pie crust to complete the transaction.

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