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Tuesday, July 23, 2002


Finally, Scientific Proof Why Women Are Better Than Men

New study says female brain wired for emotion

Stand-up comedians around the country praise the discovery of the reason why their wives remember every unwashed dish, forgotten anniversary, and kid left out in the rain after Little League practice. Some jokes coming to a Yuk-Yuk's or Improv near you:

--"Would someone please wire my wife to balance a checkbook?"
--"God, it would be great if they wired my husband to remember to take out the trash or stop and ask for directions. Who's with me, people?"
--"My ex-wife was wired to be a castrating shrew."
--"That OJ was really wired to kill his wife."

You know it's coming, so let's get it over with:
--"Someone should have wired Winona to pay for the stuff she stole."

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