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Sunday, July 14, 2002


But He Would Have Bitten Her Heart Out of Her Chest If She Went After the Box Seats at Yankee Stadium

Giuliani Settles Divorce for $6.8 million

Not particularly funny, but an interesting article in Slate from Dahlia Lithwick, a writer and former divorce lawyer. She argues that even at almost seven mil, Rudy got off easy because he didn't have to see his reputation destroyed in a muckraking legal battle and because he's going to be pretty damn rich from here until he retires. She believes that getting his story out to the public and "being heard" is overrated, as is dragging on the proceedings to win custody of his kids--it's better that he just sign the alimony and child support checks, zip his lip, and get on with his life.

It's hard to understand how such an idealist had ever pursued a legal career.

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