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Wednesday, June 19, 2002


World Cup Humor Preview

With the US soccer team advancing into the quarterfinals, there will be ample opprtunity for jokes at the expense of the powerhouse German team. Here's an advance look at some of the jokes we'll see:

Potential Headlines:
--Germans Goosestep to Victory Over US
--WWII Rematch: This Time Teutons Triumph
--German Soccer Team Exterminates Eastern European Jewry, also Defeats US 4-1.
--Marshall's Other Plan: Germany Lend-Leases 3-0 Win
--Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? US Not on Roll, 2-1
--Germans Lose Two World Wars, Win Meaningless Soccer Match Against Twice-Vanquishing, Lone Superpower: A Study in Obvious Irony and Moral Victory

Human Interest Features:
--German Players Love Soccer, David Hasselhoff
--German Team Fashion Watch: Black Socks, Sandals Added to World Cup Uniform
--Germans Players Celebrate Victory as Cold, Impersonal Techno Music Pulses in Background

[disclaimer: Not all Germans did bad things in World War II, nor were Nazis. But it makes the jokes easier.]

[And they all love Hasselhoff. Which is the greater crime, really?]

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