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Wednesday, June 12, 2002


Winonamaniapaloozafest 2002 Part II

Bonus Featurette: Inside the Making of a Winona Ryder Joke!

Following is a simple template for the construction of a can't-miss joke about everyone's current favorite ingenue-in-jepoardy:

Winona [synonym for "steal"] + [name of item] + [name of actor/musician with whom she was at some time publically and carnally involved {here is a handy reference page} OR [name of celebrity who appeared with her in an unfortunate cinematic offering] + {reference to current legal troubles] + [mention of mysterious arm injury suffered in way to recent trip to court]

This handy template is employed by writers for such beloved talk-shows as Late-Night with David Letterman, The Late-Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The Daily Show, and especially and unrelentingly, The Tonight Show Starring the Unfunny Hatchet-Headed Ex-Comedian, as well as by smaller scale humor outlets somewhat similar to this one (see below).

Uh, Free Winona.

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