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Wednesday, June 05, 2002


Maybe We Yawned, but it's Always Nice to Whup on the Other Iberian Country

Am I about to eat my words? The US Soccer Team just handed the swaggering Team Portugal their heads. I must admit that it's pretty to exciting to think the scrappy US of A could take down the No. 5 team in the world. But then again, the game started at 5AM and was over long before I even got out of bed. I suppose that we'll have to wait and see if this helps to put soccer on the map in America. A big win in '94's Cup in Los Angeles didn't seem to help much. It's still soccer. Isn't it only fair to have a sport where the rest of the world has a chance?

Let the marketing blitz begin:
Soccer. It's Kind of Boring, Then the Fans Trample Each Other.
Soccer: We've Set Our Sights on Arena League Football
Etc, etc.
USA Soccer: The Other Sport With All White People

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