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Friday, June 28, 2002


Juxtaposition Depot

Cruisin' Choppers Brace for Boffo Box Office

If you happened to catch the June 14th issue of Entertainment Weekly, you were treated to a nearly life-size representation of Tom Cruise's $20 million-plus-gross-points face, complete with his newly-installed dental correctives. Could the recent disappointing opening of Minority Report have something to do with Cruise's famous smile being marred by these new braces? The Spielberg actioner barely edged out kiddie pic Lilo and Stich for this weekend's box office crown. America's collective summer self-image is inextricably tied to Tom Terrific's electric grin--with stage lighting glinting off his new apparatus, can we as a country buck-up and throw our support behind his lastest popcorn thriller offering? Or will Cruise take the plunge and have a little cartilage trimmed from the tip of his famous schnoz as he reports for shooting on Mission: Impossible 3? Please, Tom, a nation turns its weary blockbuster-hungry eyes to you. We'll still love you when your pearly whites are a little straighter. Just make sure you deliver the high bang-for-our-buck action ratio that we crave as the months get hotter. And smile.

Also in the July 14th issue: EW asks the experts for their verdict on Winona's career. I for one will be the first on line for her next offering. America is a place of second chances.

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