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Wednesday, June 12, 2002


It Was Just a Matter of Time Before the Oppressed Masses Threw Off Their Chains


Former Sitcom Star Revealed in Excruciating Yet Exceedingly Boring Detail

Today's New York Times features a story on the burgeoning literary genre of Underling Revenge Writing. What kind of a market could my memoirs find in this new economic climate? What vast sums could be gained by my blow-by-blow descriptions of the behind-the-scenes shennanigans at a failed sitcom? The possibilites boggle the mind, as it was this very purpose that I started this whole blogging experiment, for which I am paid the grand sum of jack shit.

The world may not realize this, but I have stories to tell about the lunches people eat in this behind-the-scenes settings, tales of coffee prepared, of celebrity offspring shuttled to and fro, of dogs fetched from Hollywood grooming houses with names containing horrible puns (see the horror of The Barking Lot and Chateau Marmutt!).

Oh, I think you hear me coming, and I've got a lukewarm cup of cappuccino and a BLT without the lettuce.

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