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Tuesday, June 11, 2002


Did We Remember to Put a Cookie on Jerry Seinfeld's Hard Drive?

Somtimes in one's wide travels on the Web, one comes across a site so informative, boasting so high a utility for the public good, that we must take pause and shout its URL from the apex of the bloggin' hills.

Behold: Legal Age of Consent, a web page listing the ages of consent in a variety of languages and for a variety sexual orientations. This site lets you, the web surfer, know that in Denmark, you are free to sow your sexual oats from 15 on, but if you happen to find summer in Guyana, heteros can get buck-wild at the veal-tender age of 13--but you better watch out if your proclivities tend to the Sapphic or the Guy-on-Guy.

The disclaimer states that the site is not an "official" guide, but what the hell. How many times are you going to find yourself in Peru trading Pokemon cards and stealing romantic glances with that 14-year-old across a crowded In-Sync concert? Legal Ages of Consent tells you to go for it. And go for it you shall.

No word on whether they intend to add a countdown clock for the Jailbait Main Event: June 13, 2004--the day that the Olsen twins spin perilously into the Age of Consent.

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